How to Get a Seat at the Table

July 22, 2020
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM
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Main Session Description

If you are looking to improve the visibility of your HR department and you, the HR professional, you’ll need to leverage your power and influence as well as your technical skills and political acumen.

This highly interactive keynote will provide HR professionals with the tools they need identify their own sources of power and influence and give them advice and techniques to grow them.  Additionally, we’ll look at ways to navigate organizational politics to put the HR department at “the table.” 

Who Should Attend

HR professionals who are looking for help in gaining respect and representation in their organizations and companies.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this program, you will be able to:

  • Describe how power and influence are obtained and leveraged in an organization.
  • Discuss strategies for navigating organizational politics and alliances.
  • Develop the skills and ability to communicate the needs and contributions of the HR function to senior leadership.


Strategic Business Management Activities Addressed in this Session:

This one-hour keynote will provide HR professionals with the business skills needed to make a positive impact in the organization’s success.  Specifically, they will learn to identify their own power and influence as well as that of the department.  They will learn the key components of making decisions and requesting resources using the language of business.  Finally, they will get new insights on using strategic thinking and decision-making in growing their department’s influence.

This will happen through:

  • Developing and aligning the human resource function plan with the organization’s strategic plan. This would primarily be in the areas of talent acquisition, employee and management development, and performance management strategy and execution.

    • Working with the executive suite in assessing supervisory, managerial, and leadership, and individual contributor performance gaps as they impact the strategic and annual planning process.

    • Leveraging key stakeholders to garner support for the initiative by demonstrating the value-add of an educated and motivated managerial employee population.

    • Using data, identifying the health of the talent pipeline and present this data to the executive suite as vital to the success of any strategic and annual plan. This will include conducting an organizational analysis of the current and projected talent level as well as competency gaps.

Communicating the organization’s values and guiding principles and building these into all HR initiatives.

Presenter Bio:

Mack Munro is Founder and CEO of Boss Builders and is an experienced consultant, author, and speaker who has worked with executive and management teams in companies of all types, sizes, and industries in the USA and abroad. He is the author of How to Build Better Bosses, How to Win at Performance Management, and How to Be a Great Boss. 

He holds a MA degree in Organizational Leadership from Chapman University and a BS degree in Health Care Management from Southern Illinois University He is a qualified facilitator of the MBTI® and has also written and developed several personality and behavioral assessments and online tools. 

Mack hosts two popular podcasts:  HR Oxygen geared towards the overworked, overstressed, overwhelmed, and under-appreciated HR professional, and The Boss Builder Podcast, aimed at newly-promoted supervisors.